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Employee Perks & Benefits

Looking for the best place to work? Your search ends here. Strugbits cares about its employees and believes in justifying the time, energy, and hard work our employees invest in us by offering market-competitive salaries, work-life balance, the best corporate culture, health benefits, medical coverage, leisure activities and so much more.


Here are a few perks and benefits of joining Strugbits, where careers are made and dreams come true:

Employee Wellbeing

We prioritize our employee's well-being hence why we have incorporated a program that focuses on their physical and mental health. In this program, we observe each employee on the whole and assist them in managing their physical health and social well-being.

Paid Time Off

Every individual on our extraordinary team enjoys paid time off, along with a number of company benefits that offer flexibility and choice. We highly believe in maintaining a work-life balance to help our team relax, recharge and come back fully refreshed.

Medical Coverage

We offer our valuable employees health benefits that can help them and their family meet all their healthcare needs. From doctor visits to prescription medications, we've got everything covered. We ensure our employees receive the care they need without breaking the bank.

Perks & Rewards

Strugbits love to reward employees with perks and rewards for being proactive, going the extra mile, and winning as a team. This is why, we offer interest loans for buying vehicles or mobile phones, employee referral awards, performance bonuses and so much more.

Competitive Salary

At Strugbits, we deeply value our team's hard work and dedication. This is why, we offer a market-competitive salary package, ensuring they're fairly rewarded for their skills and expertise. Join us now and leap to reach new heights with a fulfilling career that comes with a handsome salary.

Loan Facility

As a part of our employee well-being program, we offer interest-free loans with easy payment options to protect every team member against financial difficulties. Any individual can benefit from this facility, at any time.

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